• About David Gueche

    David Gueche is the owner of a Philadelphia-based consulting firm that helps startups get on their feet. He's been in business since 2010, and nothing makes him happier than to spend the day fishing or reading about the most recent business triumphs. Although his wife might tell you otherwise, David is a great businessman and likes to think of himself as a bit of a jokester.


    David Gueche earned a degree in business administration and management from Temple University. David has always succeeded in competitive circumstances since he is a quick thinker and learner.


    At the beginning of his career, he founded multiple enterprises before making a profit by selling them. He learned the value of perseverance and hard effort from this event and still upholds these principles today.


    With two successful firms transforming how companies conduct business online, David Gueche is now the CEO of his consultancy business. He is dedicated to assisting others in achieving their objectives, and he anticipates building on his current success in the years to come.